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Introducing | Scantron

by Little Miss B, 15th January 2010...


There's nothing I like more than a recommendation. Actively seeking out bands is rewarding in itself but nowt beats a brilliant band being dropped into your lap, being handed to you on a silver platter, wrapped in a big ole bow. It is akin to a second Christmas, or a wonderfully thoughtful musical care package.

arrived at The Girls Are front door but a few days previously, and have already become firm playlist staples. A fascinating hybrid of punk rhythms, riot grrrl style energy and at times, melancholic, almost shoegaze-esque guitars, this band have a sound all of their own:
imagine The Coathangers' slightly sarcastic cousins, and you'll begin to understand. They switch from dreamlike, and meandering to thrashing and screaming in the same song; from soporific, incomprehensible vocals to schoolgirl chanting in a heartbeat. (Four girls chanting "you'll always be a peach" cannot fail to make me swoon).

An all girl queer four piece from Brooklyn, NY, Scantron consists of Maggie (drums), Angie (guitar), Saiya (bass) and Claire (vox). The group was born when former drummer for seasoned Brooklyn bands such as Cheeky and Each Other's Mothers, Angie began teaching Maggie to play drums. After drafting a few tracks together, friends Saiya and Claire were called in to complete the line-up. Girls after my own heart, this foursome are passionate about playing with other women in the music scene and are on a mission to play as many Ladyfests as possible in 2010! Definitely ones to keep your eye on. I know I will be.

Album 'Make Your Mark Dark & Heavy' (recorded by
Marissa from Screaming Females) is out now and can be downloaded here.

Scantron | Reggaeton 

Scantron | Linear

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