Saturday, 15 August 2009

Introducing | PENS

Little Miss B, 16 August 2009...

“What is this? This is crap”…

PENS are not for everyone. This might seem like an obvious statement, a bit of a no-shit Poirot situation, but if you were ever looking for a band to divide opinion, it seems PENS are the ideal candidates. My aurally impaired ex and I are not the only ones to disagree on this matter. One glance at DiS reviews of the band should give you a fair idea of the polarity of opinion surrounding these ‘three girls and a £1 microphone’.

Hailing from East London, this all-lady three piece make what can only be described as... noise. Scuzz, trash, thrash, call it what you will. Whatever it be, it be good.Like contemporaries La La Vasquez and Wet Dog, they are part of a recent spate of DIY indie bands (I am loathe to call them punk: it’s all a little too self-aware for me) chugging out distorted, often indecipherable, riotous girl chants.

Where PENS manage to stand out is in their ability to write wicked-catchy, makes-my-foot-wanna-do-a-little-boogie songs. I challenge you to listen to ‘High in the Cinema’ and not find it forevermore stuck to your brain like a spitty wad of pavement-bound Juicy Fruit. ‘Networking’ and ‘Freddie’ are joyous. ‘Hate Your Calendar' is pretty close to genius.

Ok… There’s nothing new here. This is not ground-breaking music. We are not going to be hailing these songs as classics in ten years time. But frankly, who gives a darn? Rough, fun, and endlessly enthusiastic, PENS are a three-tiered lady-sound party… Or a shambolic mess. You call it.

Album ‘Hey friend, what you doing?’ is due out on 23rd Sept. Visit Myspace to pre-order. PENS are currently touring the States with Graffiti Island and Crocodiles, and are not due to play in London again until late September. Unlucky.

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