Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Introducing.... Minnie Birch

by Little Miss B, 4th Nov 2009...

Good golly miss Minnie, I am joyous about making this introduction. Not only do this band produce the sweetest ear-candy in the west, but they also happen to be ridiculously lovely and talented lady-folks.

Minnie Birch, from me to you.... It's like Christmas. But better.

Minnie Birch are Emily and Claire, a teacher and a librarian hailing from the Watford area. Vocalist and guitar wizard Emily describes the band as "influenced by lots of different artists; I think the best way to describe our music is as WhinyAcousticPop? Which doesn't sound great but is hopefully ok." Yes Em, you sound decidedly and wondrously 'ok'.

The ladies just recently celebrated their one year anniversary, having played their first ever gig at the Amber Rooms in Watford on 2nd November 2008. Since starting the band they have had many an adventure; almost being snowed in at a venue in February, a UK summer tour in 2009, a feature in Art and Things magazine, recording a Minnie album (7 tracks) at Broadfields Studio, supporting The Doors Alive at their sold out London show.... A veritable smorgasbord of activity.

Not content with being busy AND awesome humans, they also happen to be a bit good. They've been playing together for a long old time so have great chemistry onstage, and put on notoriously good live shows ("entertainment value often comes in the form of one of us falling off our high stool!") Sit yourself in a quiet room, or perhaps take an autumnal walk (along a river. Or canal. yes, someplace watery), put on the pod and have yourself a good listen: bittersweet lyrics, ethereal melodies, and Em's beautiful voice (reminiscent of an early Laura Marling, but cheekier) make for happy ears.

The ladies are currently gigging all over our fair land ("lots, to sell copies of the CD") and are also putting together a small music video - mostly of footage from the summer tour. You can order the CD and merch (badges in boxes and hand mirrors) from the Minnie myspace page, which also has video footage, tracks and photos.

Join in the Minnie love.


  1. Can you teach me how to put the music on blog posts like this?


  2. Of course my dear!

    Drop me an email on and I will send you the blurb: it is a bit long-winded so will be easier via mail.

    A x

  3. I really do love this band... We need to spread the word.