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Conversational | Amy Studt

by Dee, 10th Nov 2009...

Every seven years, each cell in your body completely renews itself, so it’s fair to say you are like a brand new person. It’s been seven years since Amy Studt first appeared on our tv screens, griping about her growing pains in ‘Just a little girl’. And in that time, it’s fair to say, that growing is something she has done a lot of.

Looking back on your first album , how does it make you feel?

A: I feel pretty proud of it. When I look back on it, it seems like it didn't happen. I have all these memories, but they are so ridiculous and abstract by any normal standards that I sometimes think I must have made it up. It was tough, and had a massive effect on me, but I don't regret anything.

The second album, or ‘follow up’ is notorious for being the most difficult for an artist to make. Did it take you the whole time between labels/albums to write ‘My Paper Made Men’ or was it written to a schedule when you signed with (her second label) 19 Entertainment?

A: I started writing straight after the first album. I took my time in the studio until I had a bunch I felt were right, and I was happy to put out there. The whole process from writing the second album to recording/mixing/mastering, and then beginning to get it out took about 6 years. It felt like an eternity.

Wow, that is long! The general response to it has been that it is quite a dark album, and not as accessible as your first. There are some recurring themes in the lyrics about damaging relationships on ‘One Last Cigarette’ & ‘Furniture’ in particular. What would you say has inspired you most on this album? And how do you feel about it now?

A: Yeah, I guess relationships. My experiences within them and what I have learnt about myself during the process has been a running theme. I don't really feel any way about it now. Each song is just a snap shot of me then, in that moment. When it’s done, I move on. I can appreciate it and sometimes I can relate new experiences to it and listen with fresh ears... that’s always fun.

Reinventing song meanings is positive. It’s not all been fun though has it? I read somewhere that you suffered a bout of stage fright. How did you overcome that/have you overcome it? how are you coping?!

A: Well I lost most of what confidence I had after my flirtation with fame. I was convinced that if i got up on stage I would get booed off. I went under an alias, Jane Wails, for a bit, so that people would listen to my music without having made any previous judgements, this was also useful as I was approaching different genres. Practice makes perfect and the more I have played the more comfortable I feel. Its funny actually as on this recent tour, my confidence has made a new leap and I am having a great time chatting to the audience and joking around and having a giggle.

That’s great! Tell me a bit about the tour and the line up?

A: We are currently on an acoustic tour, mainly southern UK. Its me on keys and vocals and my guitarist/best friend/housemate, Connor Mcdonald on guitar and backing vocals. We use a loop station on some of the songs where appropriate, where it adds rather than takes away. I reckon electronic equipment can be one of the great takers of sound sometimes. Sometimes it is wonderful! We are playing re-worked and sometimes very stripped back versions of my songs, some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. Cons and I are also playing some songs that will appear on album 3, though that is a long way off yet.

Me and my best friend miss la la, have hand made some merchandise, nicknacks and things. We made these little booklets, there are only 100 of them in existence! I've been having a great time putting it all together and so far it has been such a chilled out lovely tour. I don't want it to end!

To catch Amy on tour & bag a limited handmade booklet for yourself, check www.myspace.com/amystudtofficial for dates and venues.

Picture courteousy of Thaddeus Rombauer Photography

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