Monday, 9 November 2009

Introducing | Selah Sue

by Little Miss B, 9th Nov 2009...

I feel a little strange about writing an 'Introducing' piece on Selah Sue. I mean, surely everyone with half a brain already knows of her amazingness. Surely everyone with taste has already heard her scratchy voice and winning accent. Surely everyone who deserves to have ears has marvelled at her wondrous ragga medleys? Surely? Apparently not. To some people, this brilliant little belgian treat remains a mystery.... "Sue who??"


So in the spirit of spreading joy, I am pleased to introduce Selah Sue. Born Sanne Putseys in 1989, Selah Sue was discovered by established Belgian singer Milow at the wee age of 17. Having caught her open mic night performance, he approached the tiny human and asked if she would be his support act. Since then, she has played many a festival, written an arsenal of rather good ditties and regularly appeared on Belgian TV. Her EP, Black Part Love was released in 2008. She is currently playing shows across Europe and appears to have no immdeiate plans to come to the UK. Damnation.

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