Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Girls Are...

Little Miss B, 16 August 2009...

Bienvenue and greetings my petites cacahuetes.

Welcome to The Girls Are..., a celebration of female musicians, music appreciators, a reference point for lady music makers, and a space in which to say just what you goshdarnit think. This is not a Riot Grrrl blog. This is not a feminist blog. This is not a girls-only, ‘no boys allowed’ page. You can be any or all those things but we as a group do not exclusively identify as any of the above. All are welcome and we embrace new contributors, comments and ideas.

The Girls Are… ultimately aims to forge connections, create a dialogue and establish a community between lady music makers. Keep your peepers peeled for The Girls Are.... gig and club nights in the future.

As you will see on the upper right-hand side of the page, The Girls Are…. is made up of three parts: the blog itself, a contributors section where you can improve your stalking skills, and a ‘Wanted’ page on which to advertise instruments for sale, band positions available, and items for exchange.

The Girls Are…. will feature regular weekly items including Song of the Week, London gig listings, introducing and reviews in addition to features, interviews, and tech advice.

Our contributors resemble a rogues gallery of rock n roll superstars in the making, established writers, and general troublemakers. If you would like to join our team, drop us a line at

Now go feast your eyes on our wordy goodness. Nom nom.


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