Sunday, 27 September 2009

Introducing | Billy The Kid

Little Miss B, 27th September 2009...

If you are as yet unacquainted with the sheer brilliance that is Billy The Kid, then I am gloriously pleased to make this introduction. If you are a smarty pants, know-it-all and all this is old news, then I can only commend you on your fantastic taste and suggest we both give ourselves an almighty pat on the back for being in the know.

Billy the Kid (nee Billy Pettinger) is a bit of an idol for me. Not only does she write beautiful music and have a heart-wrenchingly exquisite voice but moreover she is a pro-active, altruistic many-fingered/many-pied wizard. Being a benevolent bunch with a philanthropic agenda, we at The Girls Are… applaud anybody who gives others the chance to benefit from their musical expertise.

Billy has been crafting her own music since the wee age of 12 and also happens to be a multi-instrumentalist. Playing the piano, guitar, drums and harmonica, it seems only fitting that at just 18, Billy got some friends together and formed a band: Billy the Kid and the Lost Boys. Over the years this band evolved into a collective operating under the motto “Kids in Bands Helping Kids in Bands”. Not content with having a burgeoning career as a recording artist, Billy also sits at the helm of the “Lost Cause” empire, encompassing Lost Records (now housing 9 acts and 12 releases), the Lostice which functions as a booking and promotions office, the Lost Bus, and more recently the Lost Youth Music Society.

A bit good non?

Am on a personal mission to get this young lady to hop across the pond and put some music in our London ears. Join me in a bit of casual stalking.

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