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Introducing | The Awe Kids

by Little Miss B, 16th Dec 2009...

As the ever-wise Sheryl Crow once said, "a change will do you good". A change is as good as a rest, if it ain't broke don't.... Ok, so that last one went a little bit off track. My point is, that sometimes all a person or a project needs is a bit of a change for its true potential to come to fruition.

The Awe Kids are a prime example of this: originally forming in early 2009, lead singer and founding member Elspeth became unhappy with the direction the band was taking. Cue a complete overhaul leading to the recruitment of members James (keys), Jon (guitar) and Dave (drums).
Having only been together since October 09 they have already played Oxjam Brixton Takeover and more recently had their track played at Club NME London.

Although only early days, this 'electro-pop' four piece possess a quiet confidence that assures the listener they are destined for great things. However, the self-identified electro-pop tag is a little misleading. There is a moodyness to their songs that far outreaches 'pop' bands. Dark, atmospheric tracks like The Pressure and Stuck In London are almost reminiscent of Bronski Beat (without the falsetto vox). Frontwoman Elspeth's fascinating voice regularly swings between sweet and girly, and booming, dramatic baritone. There is far more to this band, than merely electro-pop. They are not yet a slick, tight unit, and they have bumps to iron out in their songwriting, but this only adds to their charm. This is a band you can believe in. This is a band whose success you will encourage with no reservation. This is a band who you can bump into in the pub and they will have a chat with you. No pretense, no ego. Swell.

Head down to The Macbeth on Sunday night to check them out:

The Awe Kids are currently busy preparing new material before beginning to tour in the New Year.

Head over to Myspace to check out their tracks:

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