Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My New Favourite Band | The Hysterical Injury

by Little Miss B, 1st Dec 2009...

Editors note - I have invented a new feature purely for the purpose of gushing about this band. I could not write a 'regular' piece on them. I have no objectivity, whatsoever. *smitten*

I cannot believe I've only just had my mole-like eyes opened to this genius. It seems impossible that a mere month ago, I did not have The Hysterical Injury in my life. How did I survive? What was the source of all my joy? What song did I play on repeat to the point of causing loved ones, peers and neighbours to weep desperately, to beg for peace, to collapse from 'hysterical' ear bleeding?

I have one man to thank for introducing me to my true love.

Robert Phoenix: inspired artist, professional encourager and bearded delight. (Incidentally, Robert was the also the chap that handed me the book, and said the words that ultimately made me quit my soul-wrecking job in telly in order to pursue scribing. He's a bit good).

The Hysterical Injury are Annie Gardiner and Lee Stone. Formed in 2007, they parted ways with third member Robert Jackson in September of 2008. They tour a lot in Bath and Brizzle, but seem to be intent on depriving London Town of their wonder. Let us stalk until they mend their ways yes? YES? Brill.



  1. *beaming* this makes me happier than the bottle of wine I've drank and the painting I done, two of my fave laydeez, bang on beautiful. xxx

  2. I should really be saying thank you for being so wonderful and bearded and wise... Annie will not thank you because I DO plan on actually stalking her. She probably won't enjoy this so much xxx