Friday, 4 December 2009

The Girls Are... Sleepy

by Little Miss B, 4th Dec 2009...

L*dyGarden, Wed 2nd December, Lock Tavern, Camden.

I'm getting old. Going out on a school night is a thing of the past, belonging to the days when I had a quiff, clear skin and nowt to worry about besides remembering to turn up to tutorials and paying my £400 a month rent. *sigh*

But in the name of lady-support (am not referring to brassieres) I decided to pop along to L*dyGarden this dreary Wed night. I'm currently taking antibiotics, so was not planning on drinking; I'd stay to watch the band, listen to some tunes and be on my merry way by eleven o'clock. Except of course, I got hideously drunk and stayed out til 8am. Oops.

It was, however, completely worth it. Anywhere that plays Kate Bush and Le Tigre within a few hours of walking through the door will always get my vote.
Hosted by three ladies so fit it hurts a bit to look at them, this was destined to be an effortlessly 'cool' affair.

Band Chapter24 were brilliant, turning the heads of every person in the room. The stage being the size of a shoebox, it was difficult to get a sense of what they are normally like live, but it was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. Catchy songs, enigmatic vox, a whirling dervish of a frontwoman, I would definitely reccomend this band to a friend.

Some parts of the night, however, were less fun. The venue was very very small (upstairs at Lock Tavern) which was fine for a first night, but had the smoking balcony not been there, it definitely would have been a bit sardiney.
I can only see this night going from strength to strength, and with that needs to come a bit more space. It's great that the place was so packed, but should I have wanted to throw some shapes, it would have proved troublesome. It was difficult enough trying to walk from one side of the room to the other (that said, the alcohol might have had something to do with this).

My main criticism
would be that there just wasn't ENOUGH lady music: bring your vaginas and if you don't have one, you can find one here. But you might have to look quite hard to find it. I've got to be honest. I think London has been crying out for something like this, and I was a little disappointed that more wasn't made of the lady part. A female frontwoman and three female DJ's doesn't quite necessitate so much attention to be drawn to vagina's. I understand that exclusively playing lady music might limit one's audience, but I do feel that if you say you are going to do something, you should do it properly.

"Now is the time for guts and guile"...

A little more conviction in the theme wouldn't have gone amiss. It also would have been great if more bands had played (although from what I understand, the other band pulled out so I can't really criticise. Shit, after all, does happen).

All this aside, waking up at lunchtime the next day, feeling as though one might die from alcohol poisoning, and finding one's spectacles secreted under the beautiful giant sleeping next to you, generally tends to mean one has had a pretty good time. Which I did: a really bloody good time. The Witches of Eastwick played some hella good music, the band were a nice surprise and best of all, it's FREE to get in... Next time, come down and shake your groove thang.

But remember kids. Don't drink whilst taking antibiotics.
Is foolish. Very very foolish. 

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