Monday, 11 January 2010

Read All About It | Riot Grrrl Collection

by Little Miss B, 11th Jan 2010....

Riot Grrrl legend and feminist icon Kathleen Hanna has reportedly bequeathed her 'papers' to NYU's Fales Library as part of their Riot Grrrl collection.


According to the Kathleen Hanna official newletter, the collection will "support scholarship in feminism, punk activism, queer theory, music history and more". The archives will include documents from the Riot Grrrl movement from 1989-1996.

Ummm.... trip to New York anyone?


  1. How awesome! Yes, roadtrip!

  2. Seriously, I think I'd craft a roadtrip around this one activity! Heck, I'm GOING to craft a roadtrip....