Monday, 25 January 2010

I Heart... Nancy Frieko

by Dee, 25th January 2010...

Last September I had the great pleasure of travelling to Seattle. I had wanted to visit since the first wave of grunge washed over me aged 12. Needless to say Seattle did not disappoint, I saw Pearl Jam, The Meat Puppets and Alice in Chains perform inside of four days. I personally met the band members of Alice In Chains, along with ex-singer Layne Staleys mum. Oh, and Kim Thayil too. All in an evening, as you do.
Who I did not know I would meet, was the brilliant Nancy Frieko.
She was a girl with cosmically coloured hair that (at that time) matched my own. We had a lot in common. We chatted outside one of Seattles oldest venues The Moore Theatre, for what seemed like hours. She has an honesty and vitality that is so scarce in the music industry today. It was refreshing.

It was not until I returned to London that I got to savour the delights of her music.Tables and Chairs remains an absolute favourite on all my playlists and I see no end to the nostalgic warmth and love it brings me. The video for the track transports me to a time when music videos were organic ideas performed on a tight budget, with 90s make up and hair to match. While the shots of the troll under the bridge remind you this is Seattle, the city's climate and colours are so similar to the Big Smoke, that it's impossible for us Londoners not to identify with it.

Check out the video, even just for a glimpse of the wonderful Seattle buses (the seats are so damn comfy and they mainly run off cable wire-green clean-running machines, and so cheap!) 

Give me more Nancy.

Nancy Frieko is currently recording new material and can be found on Myspace

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