Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Review | Starecat

by Steph Phillips, 4th Feb 2010. All photography by Lee Whittaker for The Girls Are...

Starecat @ The Enterprise, Camden, 16th January 2010

 Quita, Starecat

In a tiny room above a heaving bar more and more bodies pack themselves into this increasingly small space. They are all screaming, chanting, waiting with anticipation for Starecat

Just over a year after forming, Starecat have shimmed their way in and out of many a London venue leaving a trail of dazed, confused, and wide-eyed admirers in their wake. Lead singer Quita leads the well dressed crew, with her jerky dance moves and pop-punk vocals. Tight riffs, Kathleen Hanna-esque vox and call and response make up the Starecat experience.

Like every other night Starecat were on top form and raced through the set list like a band possessed. They walked on stage with no pretence and got down to business straight away. Quita wriggled and squirmed around the stage in musical ecstasy, drummer Gianni pounded away for dear life on a kit that looked like it needed a break every now and again. Guitarist Ev held his own in his corner and the same can be said for bassist Rob who kept the beat going, every now and again looking up at the audience. Starecat tunes tend to veer towards the better side of the pop-punk phenomenon, thankfully avoiding the dangerous line between enthusiastic and annoying. Big Nothin’ssnarling vocals and loud/quiet ethos pleased the increasingly excited audience.

The band ended with arguably their best song and new single, Dum Dum. The attitude riddle track played up to every raw note and poppy hook to make it the standout song of the gig. Starecat are a pop punk machine, oiled and willing to give their all into showing you how great they are. Are you ready?

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