Monday, 18 January 2010

Song Of The Week | Le Tigre

by Little Miss B, 18th Jan 2010...

Keep On Livin'

Well well well... Would you look at that?

The results of our recent Kathleen Hanna poll have come in, and with an impressive 54% of the vote, Le Tigre takes the crown! 40% of you prefer Bikini Kill, and only 6% voted for Julie Ruin. Thankfully 0% of you avoided being grabbed by the scruff of the neck and thrown bodily from the website, for hitting the 'Who?' option.

So, in light of this landslide victory (and in honour of the MEN shows tonight and tomorrow), here's a little life-affirming ditty from Le Tigre.


  1. Wonderful stuff. Very jealous of you heading to that gig tonight - the brilliant Trash Kit aswell! I've just about managed to lampoon them onto the show in a few weeks. Yippee!