Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Introducing | Oh! Gunquit

by Little Miss B, 19th Dec 2010...

Oh! Gunquit

The uber talented building blocks that make up North London trio Oh! Gunquit are Sam Bam Leadfoot (drums/vox), Manchine (guitar/vox), and straight outta the rocky mountains, Wanda Smacksome on lead vocals and occasional trumpet. After becoming St. Pancras dwelling neighbours in early 2009, Oh! Gunquit began their spunky, rumble, bop pop trash journey in earnest, with recent addition Dr Zoom on tenor sax giving them the slice of exotica they wanted in order to complete their sound.

Oh! Gunquit are that rare breed of band that make you want to dance, just as they've barely begun to play: tribal tom toms beat wildly, fingers snap, guitars twang while high-spirited vocals bawl and purr across each song with attitude. One listen and you're transported into a world of B-movies, grindhouse, killers and adventuring. 

Oh! Gunquit will be playing at L*dyGarden @ The Lock Tavern, Camden on 6th January, and at the Camden Head on 7th January. The band have also secured their own night at The Lock Tavern called Wang Dang Doodle on 27th Jan, which will feature lots of their favourite music and current bands they dig.

Oh! Gunquit | Cindy's Got A Tiger


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