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Review | L*dyGarden 2

by Little Miss B, 13th January 2010: all photography by Rachel Ferriman for The Girls Are.

6th January, Lock Tavern, Camden.

I was scared to go to L*dyGarden last week. Genuinely frightened
. The previous time I attended, I got a teensy bit drunk, stayed up all night, lost my specs, spent quite a lot of money and missed work the next day. Fortuitously, this time around I was in a post-crimble poverty fug, and accompanied by an equally poor Rachel, so managed to retain my dignity (until I later slipped and fell down on the ice, four steps from my front door). 

Liver-failure-fear aside, the second instalment of this Camden based treat was set to be a good'un, with Rotkappchen, Oh! Gunquit and Cowbell on the bill. Once again, fantabulous hosts and visual delights, The Witches of Eastwick did not disappoint. Headliners Rotkappchen did not make it (stranded in Berlin), but the other two bands were plenty awesome enough to keep the crowd happy.


Newcomers to the joys of bluesome twosome Cowbell, both Ra
ch and I were mighty impressed. Simple but effortlessly catchy songs, performed with understated ease and charm, this is a band to watch. Cowbell are Jack on guitar and vox, and Wednesday on drums. Forming a mere 8 months ago, this band is already tight tight tight, churning out country-tinged blues in a wholly uncliched and cheery fashion. The on-stage chemistry between the pair is palpable, and in their wonderfully unassuming way, they hooked the ear of every person in the room. To add another bow to their string of awesomeness, I later discovered that Wednesday has only been playing drums for as long as the band has existed! .

Oh! Gunquit

At this point I would like to officially inform you all that Oh! Gunquit might just be the awesomest live band around. Of course this is open to debate, but I'm pretty certain I'd win were someone to challenge me. I could take you. I have a hula-hooping she-devil on my side. Yes, that's right folks: your eyes do not deceive. Leader of the vox, Wanda Smacksome hoola-hooped her way through a song. Love. Plain and simple. Hooping aside, Oh! Gunquit were fantastic. Well-attired, full-o-beans and brilliantly camp ("My boot fell apart on the way here. I've had to hold it together with elastic bands. It's hobo-erotic"), you cannot help but smile when these guys are on stage. 'SamBam' pounding the drums, hair swinging in her face, 'Manchine' and his nimble fingers, 'Dr Zoom' on sax and 'Wanda' strutting, purring and pouting her way through the set. Aces.
 Oh! Gunquit

The best part of L*dyGarden mk. two, however, was the wall-to-wall, end-to-end, non-stop motherfrackin all-girl playlist courtesy of DJ's The Witches of Eastwick. Hurrah! What was a fun but non-descript club night has now transformed into a diary staple. Get your girl on and come down.

The Witches of Eastwick

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