Friday, 30 April 2010

Review | The Hysterical Injury

by Little Miss B, 30 April 2010. All photography by Layla Smethurst for The Girls Are.

The Hysterical Injury @ L*dyGarden, Lock Tavern
7 April 2010

A few months ago, The Girls Are began a new feature specifically for the purposes of gushing about this band. With a decent cooling-off period, and a worn out repeat button, we are still enamoured. Seeing The Hysterical Injury live for the first time since our discovery, anticipation and expectations were high, and would you know it: they were only bloody amazing after all.

Playing at the brilliant L*dyGarden, in the cramped upstairs of The Lock Tavern, this Bath based duo blew the room apart as soon as they launched into their frantic, manic noise-pop. Lee's unrelenting drums drove Annie's fuzzed out bass full throttle into the audience, as their hooky, infectious melodies started many feet-a-tapping. Short, dense and loud songs provided the framework upon which the brilliant Annie Gardiner worked her magic: her sweet vocals slip-streamed into impassioned yelps and screams, her hair swinging furiously round her animated face. At times it is difficult to believe that this epic noise is being produced by the two unassuming figures on-stage, so layered and frenetic is their sound.

Utterly beguiling and all-consuming, it was impossible to tear your eyes away from The Hysterical Injury, and we urge you to get to a show. Quick smart.

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