Saturday, 3 April 2010

Introducing | The Suicide Notes

by Steph Phillips, 3rd April 2010...

Portland, Oregon. This music Mecca attracts a few dozen, half talented indie wannabes from within a 70 mile radius on a daily basis. With one in five new bands seeming to come from this musically dense area, how can we tell a good'un from a bad'un? Well, with a Suicide Notes-O-Meter of course! Because it's hard to top The Suicide Notes' 60's inspired garage pop. Attacking your speakers like a hyped up Pipettes covering The Ramones, The Suicide Notes are 100%, brilliantly macabre fun.

The band formed when member Tim Svengali recruited three female vocalists to record a tribute album for fellow Portland band The Punk Group. Impressed with their choral prowess, Tim took the ladies under his wing and The Suicide Notes were born. Far from their rather morbid name, this band craft charging, boppy melodies about love, relationships and err, the beach. Inspired by yet never aping 60's bands, the girls harmonise with the best of them, effectively turning the tradition of boy-obsessed girl group associations on their head as they rock out hard, rather than sob quietly into their beehive about loves lost.

If you're ever feeling down, under the weather, or even just a bit icky, you need The Suicide Notes in your life. 

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