Friday, 23 April 2010

Introducing | femmepop

by Little Miss B, 23 April 2010...

femmepop is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Margaret O' Sullivan. Garnering critical attention and national airplay, femmepop has been likened to the Pixies, The Breeders, and Tanya Donnelly. With such high praise, one could not be blamed for experiencing some anti-climatic feeling upon listening to femmepop's EP The Kick.

And yet.... Ooh. It is rather good actually. And, yes the allusion to Tanya Donnelly is quite apt. It's all rather moody and fierce, yet curiously sweet and catchy. Armed with infectious melodies and crystal clear vocals, femmepop nimbly trips from lighthearted to menlacholic in a heartbeat, leaving a real sense of familiarity in her wake. With only a couple of listens, I know the tracks by heart.

There is something so very satisfying about being introduced to a new artist whose sound transports you back to your teenage years. I'm off to eat ice lollies and listen to femmepop whilst sitting on my front step.

The Kick is femmepop's first commercial release, and has resulted in national airplay across stations such as 2FM and RTE radio 1, and she was recently featured on BBC Music 6. 2009 has seen femmepop play a string of London gigs to glowing reviews and she is about to record her 2nd EP.

femmepop | Good

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