Friday, 23 April 2010

Read All About It | Marcella Puppini

by Little Miss B, 23 April 2010...

On May the 7th, the day after the election, you might be searching for a reason to carry on. Marcella and the Forget-Me-Not Orchestra will be leather-bound and poised for attack. Led by Marcella's siren song - they will rouse even the saddest of slumbers and remind you that spring has sprung and that love and life are causes to be celebrated.

Marcella Puppini is founder of famous UK vocal trio the Puppini Sisters and acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and songwriter and this is her exciting debut at the Southbank Centre with her fabulously dark and raucous all-girl orchestra.

She will not be leading these celebrations alone, with her will come the mischievous nymph-like creatures the Beaux Belles who will be providing their unique blend of breathtaking dance numbers and surrealist interventions. If this is not enough there will also be an appearance from Epona the half lady half horse goddess as well as London's favourite good time DJ the one and only Hitman Hearn.

So, lets drink, be merry, dance and laugh a bit -  and why not dress up ? The suggested (but not obligatory) dress code is : animal costumes, Pre-Raphaelite or pagan chic.

Tickets are only £8.

For tickets and information, click here.

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