Sunday, 18 April 2010

Read All About It | Grace Jones vs. Lady Gaga

by Little Miss B, 18th April 2010...

The ever-controversial Grace Jones has spoken of her disdain for the pop-phenomenon that is Lady Gaga. Speaking to The Guardian's Simon Hattenstone, Jones revealed how Lady Gaga approached her in the hope of working together, only to be firmly rejected.

'I'd just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me'.

Asked what she thought of Gaga's rising star, Jones dead-panned:

'I really don't think of her at all'.

In the midst of Gaga fever, Jones' comments will be seen as refreshing to some.

Personally I think the Gaga 'star' is bigger than her mediocre pop by numbers, insipid club tracks and vapid lyrics. I'll admit to liking Just Dance (when I'm drunk, or cleaning my house), but I'm afraid I just don't get the music. The woman, however, is endlessly fascinating (perhaps for all the wrong reasons), and she makes hot hot hot music videos. Taking my place firmly on the fence, I'll put it to you...

Grace or Gaga?

(Ed. Yes, I have written this article purely as an excuse to post this video. I prefer to watch it with the sound off).

To read Simon Hattnestone's full article, click here.

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  1. We received this comment on Facebook. Swoon.

    "It's an interesting comparison but the fact that Ms Jones is still relevant in 2010 as she was in 1981 says it all. I saw her at Somerset House last year and although she was late for her own show, she put on a performance with absolute passion. The woman on stage is very much the woman off stage. She chose no campy catchy ... See moremoniker to be recognised by. She simply said my name is Grace.......and i'm a bit bonkers. But there is nothing bonkers about her music. 61 yrs young and shaking her stuff at the Royal Albert Hall this year and of course playing at the fabulous Love Box in July.Can't wait. Long may she continue. Gaga? She's doing her thing and that's great - But lets face it, she WILL NOT be playing the Albert Hall when she's 61. PULL UP!!"