Sunday, 16 May 2010

Video | Teenagers in Tokyo

by Jane Bradley, 16 May 2010...

As every single one of the rave reviews they've received in the last six months or so has nitpickingly pointed out, Teenagers in Tokyo aren't teenagers, and they're not from Tokyo. In actual fact, they're four foxy ladies and one bearded gent, playing new-wave art rock and, since they relocated to London from Australia at the end of last year, getting a lot of attention from the musically-minded.

Beloved by CSS, The Gossip and The Slits, all of whom they've supported on tour, Teenagers in Tokyo release their eagerly-awaited debut album Sacrifice on May 24th, recorded in deepest, darkest Welsh countryside with award-winning Bat for Lashes producer David Kosten. Sounding similar to the latest tunes by fellow Aussies Operator Please, as well as female-fronted British indie acts like The Long Blondes, their infectious new single End it Tonight is released on the same day as Sacrifice, accompanied by this super-chic black-and-white video:


  1. They are aces non? Such a foxy video too...

  2. That blonde one is definitely tickling my pickle.

  3. She looks a bit like my friend... Totally digging the bass player's 'Addicted To Love' vibe. What is it with me and bass players? Hmmm, that might warrant an article.