Saturday, 15 May 2010

Introducing | The Voyeurist

by Little Miss B, 15 May 2010...

I am impatient. Some label my behaviour brattish, some call it petulance. I prefer to think of it as efficiency, as symptomatic of a keen spirit. I'm with T to the Jefferson on this one: never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. I'm told it is a serious flaw, highlighted and maligned in the past by every single one of my significant others (well, all three of them).

My keen spirit/impatience manifests in a few ways: conversations with people who pepper their speech with 'ummmmm' and 'soooooo' make me violent, I often overlook notions referring to logistics, practicalities and realism in order to achieve my desired goal, and I am terrible at keeping exciting news to myself.

So imagine my intense frustration at having borne aural witness to one of the most addictive new bands I've heard in quite some time, without being able to talk about it. After just three demo's landing in my inbox, all I wanted to do was introduce your lucky ears to The Voyeurist. The problem lay in the fact that they had only formed about a month previously, they had yet to play any shows, and at this point they didn't even have a name.

Fortuitously, this is a hard-grafting bunch and just three months later, they are ready to meet the world. Having already played headlining shows at The Dublin Castle and the Hoxton Underbelly, The Voyeurist have racked up a bewildering arsenal of tracks and are set to make some serious waves. Part John Hughes soundtrack, part Joy Division, this London-based four piece are pure indulgence. 

Purveyors of dirty, atmospheric electro-pop, The Voyeurist possess a seductive self-awareness and level of poise that is so often absent during the fledgeling days of a new band. They are effortlessly deft at crafting catchy songs with swagger and vocalist Sarah has a deliciously lazy quality when she's singing in her lower register, which turns into a devastating slow vibrato as she opens up. With intelligently conceived songs, refreshingly wry lyrics, and a penchant for off-kilter beats, The Voyeurist have a sound uniquely their own. 

I would suggest you keep an eye on this band, but I have a feeling you won't have to look too hard for stories of their success.

The Voyeurist | Messiah

Visit Myspace for more info, and head down to 229 on 3 June. Witness the fitness. Yes.

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