Monday, 17 May 2010

Video | Sia

by Jane Bradley, 16 May 2010...

Is there anything about Australian singer-songwriter Sia which isn't adorably, goofily kooky? Judging by the first instalment of her video blog, apparently not. Recorded from her tour bus bed whilst on the road for her US and European We Meaning You tour, it starts off a tad ominous ("Whatever Sony wants, Sony gets"), but soon showcases Sia in all her gorgeous oddball glory. Highlights include her list of every item she can see from her bed, including her dogs Lick Lick and Pantera, a diary she can't write in because she doesn't have a pen and "some shoes I decorated with nail polish. But I haven't worn them yet because they're a bit over the top."

Watch it, fall in love with her, then watch the video for her insanely catchy forthcoming single, Clap Your Hands, out on July 5th. Then find a way to wangle your way into her sold-out show at the Roundhouse in Camden on May 27th. And take us too. We'll be your best friend.

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