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Review | Storm In A Teacup

by Little Miss B, 1st March 2010. All photography by Layla Smethurst for The Girls Are...

Becca (Word Play) + Verity + Kissing Kalina @ Storm In A Teacup/Fat Quarter launch, The Victoria, Mile End.

Something is happening in London. 2009 saw an unprecedented increase in lady activity, with female-centric projects seeming to spring to life, left, right and centre. As a result, 2010 promises to be the year of the girl, with aforementioned communities and ventures gaining serious momentum. New to the roster is female arts collective and social enterprise (and wonderfully monikered) Storm In A Teacup, a collaborative endeavour aiming to promote women working (and playing) in the arts. Even though barely a nipper, the project has already escalated with a fanzine, club nights and record label all in the pipeline. Launching the endeavour alongside feminist magazine Fat Quarter, The Girls Are popped along to see what all the fuss was about. 

Becca (Word Play)

I unfortunately missed the spoken word performance by Becca of Word Play fame (TFL, you are going down) but thankfully arrived in plenty of time to hear the welcome speeches, music acts and brilliant DJ (within an hour of arriving, she had played Battant. Sold). Full to the brim with keen onlookers, friends and like-minded individuals, the atmosphere proved supportive and relaxed (when so often, these sorts of things can be a little staid and 'cooler than thou'). 


Founding member of Storm In A Teacup Verity was the second artist to take to the stage, joined only by an acoustic guitar and epic grin. Effortlessly enveloping classic Americana, guttural blues and sweet folk sounds, Verity is a rare breed of performer. Simultaneously theatrical yet utterly without pretence, she laughed her way through a short but impressive set that aptly evinced her powerful, expressive voice. Imagine a young Michelle Shocked (before she went all Gospel). Needless to say, she was greeted with rapturous applause, regulatory 'whoops' and genuine appreciation.

 Kissing Kalina

Kissing Kalina were the last band to step up, and step up they did. This London based-three piece have produced one of my favourite records of late with the colossal and savvy 'Sirens'. With their roots in punk rock and riot grrrl, this band produce an expansive, multi-layered sound: a fascinating and endlessly immersive blend of garage rock, and downright filthy electro overtones. With the moody, stomping bass, the contrast of Dan's high energy performance with bassist Lill E's poise, Viv's frenetic synth swelling from the back corner of the stage, Kissing Kalina played a solid set. Current single 'Here She Comes' was sheer brilliance, and the incessant, sleazy guitar effects spell bound the crowd. This band have swagger, with Lill E's proper Laaaandan accent providing the icing on the free cupcakes doing the rounds.

A brilliant project, hosted by a brilliant team proved to be a brilliant night. Keep your peepers peeled for more from Storm In A Teacup and The Girls Are.

For more on Storm In A Teacup, visit here.


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