Sunday, 14 February 2010

Introducing | SPC ECO

by Dee James & Little Miss B, 13th Feb 2010...

Rose: Photograph courtesy of Billy Sprinkles.

Wash of sound, psychedelic beauty, wistful, mellow fuzz, warm breezes... All words that flow endlessly through my imagination as I listen to new favourites SPC ECO. So enamoured am I with this band, that I am prepared to make a pretty bold statement: this three piece have revived what My Bloody Valentine did so well, but SPC ECO DO IT BETTER. I challenge you to challenge me.

I have listened to a fair few ‘shoe-gaze’ bands in my time, but took a shine to only a small percentage. I am often disappointed by overly manufactured, overly-saturated same-old same-old acts, never distinguishing themselves from the preceding indie flavour of the month. SPC ECO are not one of these bands. Preferring the term 'Nu-gaze', SPC ECO lend this much visited genre a good name. In fact, any identifier they desire to use is truly honoured to have them as a contemporary guide, a hopeful head brownie with a flashlight in the saturated-electro pop wilderness that is the current UK music scene. 

Dean: Photograph Courtesy of Brian Wotnot.

UK based SPC ECO (pronounced 'space echo' after the vintage Roland 201) are Rose, Dean and Joey Levenson, with Harry KG on live guitar duties, and have been causing quite a stir since the release of their self-penned, self-produced 2009 album, 3-d. Reminiscent of revered bands such as Curve, Ride and Spiritualized, SPC ECO have already worked with esteemed producer Alan Moulder (NIN, Curve, Depeche Mode) and look set to firmly make their mark in 2010.

SPC ECO are playing @ Victoria, Mile End on Sat 20th March, and are currently recording a new EP.

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