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Review | Regina Spektor

Nat, 4th October 2009...

Regina Spektor : Far

Far is undoubtedly another stunning compilation from 29 year old Soviet born beauty Regina Spektor, and as we’ve been itching for more of her words for three long years, it couldn’t have come a moment too soon. Far is a collection of truthful rhymes, playful upbeat tunes, essays of depth and purpose, bound together with her usual quirky charm.

Once again, Spektor manages to combine energetic and upbeat piano melodies with atmospheric vocals whilst exploring haunting themes, that possibly reflect her own experiences of growing up during a period of Soviet ‘restructuring’ in which Jews were subjected to unjustified ethnic and political discrimination. However, Spektor has previously claimed that her songs are not usually autobiographical and are rather just streams of thought based on ‘characters and scenarios’ from her own imagination.

In my view, the most prominent tracks on the album are arguably Blue Lips & Laughing With, both typical of regular themes explored by Spektor: the truth of human nature and self discovery.

Far is Spektor’s fifth album so far and has effortlessly managed to sell 50,000 copies in its first week of release. She lists the members of her band as her heart, her mind and time, alongside her piano and voice, and upon listening to any collection of her work it is quickly understood that that’s all she needs.

Editor's note - "I saw Regina Regina at the Serpentine Sessions over the summer and don't think I have ever been so overwhelmed with sheer joy at being in the same space as another human being. All hail The Spektor".

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